What are the best Social Media platforms for marketing your company

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Which is the right platform for your business? Social media platforms are big, but there are various types to choose from so you can market your business efficiently.

Social media is big…

There are no two ways about it; social media apps are big. And if you want to be an effective marketing manager for your company, you’ll need to know how to utilise them for your advantage.

best platforms per business
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Should you get it right, your website traffic rankings will be able to rise significantly as more people will be clicking on it.

In the past, when we got home from work, the only people we would speak to would be our parents, and perhaps some people on the phone. But there was little opportunity for us to meet people from across the planet.

Despite what some people will tell you, social media has brought us closer.

But varied.

However, I ought to say that social media is not a monolith. Something that works on one site isn’t necessarily going to work on all of them.

top social media platforms
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To figure out the best social media platform for you, you’ll need to understand the demographic data of your customers, and what their customer expectations from you would be.

In this article today, we’ll be looking at three of the biggest social media icons: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By understanding these platforms, you’ll be able to decide which one will best meet your customer needs and be able to go higher in the website traffic rankings. 


The first one to talk about is Facebook. One of the original social media websites, as soon as MySpace stopped being a thing, Facebook took over, and it’s remained ever since.

For anyone in a marketing job, understanding Facebook can be an essential way to generate new leads and customers.

Facebook is usually only used to keeping in touch with people you already know

top social media platforms
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While people of all ages have Facebook, the question that you need to be asking if you want to create an effective marketing plan is “Who uses Facebook?”. And most of the time, it’s people of the older generation.

These are people who might be new to social media and think they’re really “down with the kids” because they’re on Facebook. People of this sort of age are more likely to have careers, families, and mortgages.

The trying to do customer acquisition on Facebook, you’ll need to remember that while these people could probably read large paragraphs if they wanted to, most of the time they don’t. You’ll need something short and easy to read, but at the same time won’t make them think that they’re too old for this kind of thing.

Let’s be honest here, people of that generation tend to know what they want, and will only click on ads if you can convince them that you’ll be able to meet their customer expectations.


Facebook owns Instagram, but it’s grown into its own social media company. The idea of Instagram is that you can take pictures and share them with the rest of the world. These can be pictures of yourself, your pets, your food, nature, or anything that you wish to take a picture of.

Unlike Facebook, most people who use Instagram will also be following people whom they don’t know.

top social media platforms
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While it’s true that there will be some people who use Instagram who are of the older generation, according to statistica, 63% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 34.

These are people who are still trying to figure out how they are and what they want out of life but still want to keep up with the latest trends.

But that is certainly not to say that you should just dismiss Instagram because you have a customer base with different demographic information.

Youth have always been into imagery which is both sexy and fun. Great for if the product you’re trying to sell is fitness or fashion related.

Another way to appeal to people on Instagram is to understand the world of memes. A meme is a funny and relatable image. By making the customer experience seem more like a casual friendship, your chances of customer acquisition will rise.

You could try being political. But be careful with doing that.


LinkedIn is different from the other social media apps we’ve spoken about today. And that’s because it’s rare for people to use it for “fun”.

LinkedIn is a cross between a social media website and a job searching website. Social Media Marketing only works on LinkedIn if you’re able to appeal to a very niche group of people.

top social media platforms
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There are two types of people who are going to be on LinkedIn.

People who don’t have a job but are looking for one. And people who have a job but want a different one.

Using LinkedIn for social media marketing can work if you’re company is related to job searching, making money, saving money, or if you’re looking for new people to work for you.

According to “HootSuite”, only 16% of LinkedIn users are under the age of 25. Therefore appealing to the older demographics is vital.

Understand that people who are using LinkedIn are going to be very busy people who are not really in a position to be procrastinating. And therefore, you will need to convince them that what you’re offering if not just worth them giving up their free time, but their professional time too.

Try to talk to everyone like they’re significant and professional while remaining open and engaging.

Other Social Media platforms

Today, we’ve only spoken about three options for social media marketing. But there are countless others. Which one you opt for will depend on the demographic factors of your customers and the website’s users.

Twitter is suitable for people who don’t mind reading a bit more than others do.

best platforms per business
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Tumblr is good for the younger generation and geeks.

TikTok is ideal for companies who want to portray themselves as being as fun as possible.

And in the future, who knows what new social media platforms will come on the market. But whenever they do, and whatever you are, DTS will be there to help you market on them.

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