Why You Should Consider Digitizing Your Business Now

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Do you need to consider Digitizing Your Business and is it the right choice for you? What are the 3 benefits of Digitizing your Business?

What is digital work?

With more companies leaving the office and allowing their employees to work from home, many will be wondering why you should consider digitizing your business now.

digitizing your business
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In the past, when we heard the word “digitizing”, we would think of someone digitizing historical newspapers, digitizing photos, or digitizing slides.

But today, digitizing definition is doing the things you used to do in the office through the internet.

Instead of having a meeting, you can have Skype for business. Instead of having a shop, you could have an Amazon business.

What is digital marketing? What are the benefits of digital marketing?

One aspect of your business that can be greatly benefited by being digitalized is marketing. If you don’t use digital marketing effectively, you’re going to struggle to see the profits be as high as they should be.

At Digital Time Savers, we provide you the services that enables you to reach as many potential customers as possible through our digital marketing tools.

When it comes to marketing, digitizing is the only option in the 21st century.

What is digital marketing and its benefits?

The benefits of a digital business model became more apparent than ever in 2020, thanks to the lockdown caused by the Corona Virus.
Because of the virus 42% of the US labor force is now working from home. 

During this period, many offices had no choice but for the employees to continue their work at home. If you’re wondering “Why is digital so important?”, imagine how much the furlough would have cost the government if office workers were not able to work from home.

Thanks to the digital-enabled work, possible because of businesses digitizing themselves, many were able to hold onto their jobs.

What are the top 3 benefits of digital initiatives?


The first benefit towards you as a business owner is the costs that you can save.

When you run an office, there are a host of expenses that you need to pay for—rent, gas, electricity, maintenance costs. However, by digitizing, you won’t need to worry about maintaining the physical office space.

digitizing your business
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When you’re saving money on aspects such as these, you’ll be able to invest more in your products and services and be able to generate a higher profit. You could also use the money to raise the wages of your employees to incentivize them to be more productive.


Another benefit of digitalizing your business now is that Geography won’t restrict your hiring

digitizing your business
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Let’s say, for example; you’re a business in Austin, Texas. And you find someone who is more than qualified for a role and an incredibly hard worker. But this person is from Florida.

Before digitizing was an option, you would not have been able to hire this person as there would not have been a way to get him into the office.

Thanks to digitizing, you will be able to hire a Floridian to work for your Texas-based company.


When thinking of how to start a business, something that many of us will want to consider is our carbon footprint. Since many of you reading this will have children, I’m sure you will want to leave the planet in a good state for them.

By digitizing your business, you’ll be cutting down on your carbon footprint as people will not need to drive to work.

digitizing your business
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The benefits of working digitally extend beyond just yourself and your business. They have an impact on the planet itself.

Interestingly, during the lockdowns, the greenhouse gas emissions went down by 17%. Why not continue this trend?


Okay, I know we said three, but I’m feeling generous. I’ll give you a fourth one, on the house.

What does working digitally mean for your employees?

It means not having to drive their car to get into work. It means not having to perfectly time picking up the kids and coming home from work (having to consider the traffic on the way). It means not having to run for the train or ringing you up because their train has been cancelled.

The better business bureau have found that people who work from home tend to be more productive and have better mental health.

What is a digital workplace strategy that keeps employees engaged?

Although there are many benefits of working digitally, one challenge can be to maintain a sense of “team spirit”.

To make sure the people who work for you will still feel a sense of pride in the company, be sure to schedule regular Skype meetings for business.

Anyone who can google “business” can tell you that making sure all the team are working together and getting along is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy work environment.

You can also try to boost morale and work ethic with raises and fun competitions.

Businesses that can’t be digitized

Unfortunately, there are some types of businesses where digitizing will not be an option. However, even if you couldn’t work entirely online, you can still use a digital marketing company to increase your number of customers.

digitizing your business
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The most obvious example of businesses that wouldn’t work online are places such as pubs, restaurants, cafés, and theatres. In 2018, 107.8 million Americans were employed in the service industry. 

I know that you can deliver food and broadcast on several social media platforms. But most people will go to a pub or a café to socialize with their friends and catch up over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer.

What does a digital workplace strategy look like? For a Victorian, it looks like your office!

After reading about why you should consider digitizing your business now, many will like the idea but feel slightly anxious. But here’s the thing… we already have.

Before we invented the internet, many of us will have had to send letters rather than emails; these would have taken days to deliver.

Instead of storing all of your files in Word documents, and keeping information about your customers in a database, you will have had to have done everything on paper, and kept it in filing cabinets.

Thanks to digitizing, we have been able to make office life much easier. And now, it’s time for the next step of digitizing.


Just 20 years ago, many people would have wondered “What does working digitally mean?”. But today, most of the work done in an office is done on computers. And thanks to the lockdown, more work is being done at home.

digitizing your business
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There are many reasons why you should consider digitizing your business now. By doing it now, you can stay ahead of your competitors.  

With the right guidance, your brand can enjoy a digitized work environment that maximizes your profits and increases worker productivity. That’s exactly what DTS can provide for you. Image Thumbnail and Content Images taken from FreePik


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