Our Work with - Gold Coast Schools

Client Profile 

Who Gold Coast Schools Is:

Gold Coast Schools is a Florida highly recognized Real Estate, Insurance, Construction, Mortgage, CAM, and Appraisal school.

Project Info

Challenges & Goals

Gold Coast Schools had a solid online presence and wanted to increase their revenue with Social Media Advertising. The main goal was to advertise their online courses to targeted traffic and increase sales while achieving a positive ROI.


While reviewing the assets of the client, we could see that video was one of their strong points. We decided to create a custom advertising funnel and use a combination of video and image ads, carefully selected to match the Florida demographics.
Additionally, we created a set of ads aiming to promote all of their physical schools, by creating local advertising.


Average ROAS (Return of Ad Spend)


By the end of the first month of advertising, we had already doubled the client’s initial investment, with a ROAS of 2.5.
As we continued working with them, we were able to consistently get an average of 3 ROAS, on measurable results, while the overall ROI and positive impact on the business were even higher.

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