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All our plans come with no limitations and cover all major platforms.
Facebook, Instagram, Google PPC, YouTube & LinkedIn.


up to $5.000 monthly Ad Spend

$ 497 / mo

+15% of Ad Spend
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  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • All Platforms Included
  • Unlimited Ads
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Tracking


up to $10.000 Ad Spend / month

$ 997 / mo

+15% of Ad Spend
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  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • All Platforms Included
  • Unlimited Ads
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Tracking


Unlimited Ad Spend

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  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • All Platforms Included
  • Unlimited Ads
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Tracking

Need a One-Off Solution?
We got you covered.

Ready to Go!

The Complete package to launch profitable ads on Facebook and Google!

We set up everything for your ad campaigns on both Google and Facebook and you only pay a one-time fee.

No monthly management fees.

Ready to Go
Monthly Ad Spend with Networks
$500 to $5000
$5001 to $10000
One-Time Setup Fee
$1,500 (Contact us to waive)
$1,500 (Contact us to waive)
$1,500 (Contact us to waive)
Platforms Included
All available
All available
All available
Facebook, Instagram,
Google Display
High-EQ Tailored Strategy
Market & Competitor Research
Conversions Tracking Setup
Analytics Tracking Setup
Advanced Conversions Tracking
Custom Integration with 3rd Party tool that bypasses iOS limitations.
On-Going Ad Management
Dedicated Account Manager
No. of Campaigns & Ads
Access to Client Portal
We offer our clients a unique portal packed with useful tools to save you tons of time!
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Strategy Sessions
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Is "Ready to Go" the choice for you?

The Ready to Go is the solution to anyone that wants to run the campaigns themselves.

We provide you with a professional setup to ensure you don’t waste your money and to maximize your chances of success.
Then hand it over to you alongside a 1-hour one-on-one session where we go over all the details and also teach you the basics on how to optimize them and get the best results possible.

All that in a one-time payment.

What is Included in Ready to Go!

It includes:

  • A complete set of campaigns
  • Tailor-Made with High-EQ
  • (2) Facebook Campaigns
  • (2) Google Campaigns
  • Conversion Tracking Setup
  • Remarketing Included 
  • Complete Funnel Review
  • 30 min Call Session on Delivery

Which Platforms are included in Starter/ Growth/ Enterprise??

We are able to create advertising campaigns for you on all major platforms we support.
That means: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

With no additional cost and includes any future platform we support.

How many campaigns, ads are included?

When your goal is to be profitable and scale your business with online advertising, you are not allowed to handicap your business with such limitations.

That is why we decided to provide our Fully Managed with unlimited campaigns and ads, including ad creatives, with no additional cost.

Can I cancel at any time?

We do not lock our clients into contracts and you are free to cancel at any point. But we highly suggest you are prepared for at least 3 months of advertising, so we can achieve the best results.
The “ready to Go” sales are final.

Is there a Setup Fee?

There is a one-time initial Setup fee of $1.500.
This covers a long list of initial setup, reviewing, and research needed for all businesses.

This includes:
Review of website, review of UX, review, and setup of conversion tracking, initial market research, initial competitor research, audience research, set up of accounts, set up of campaigns, design, and setup of ads, setup of your client portal, installation of 3rd party analytics tools, and more.

How will we scale your Business?

All our services are Fully Managed  and made for those that want to let the management to the professionals and while you focus on other things.

Your advertising accounts will receive on-going management by our professional team. On top of that, the Managed does not have any limitation on the number of campaigns and ads, you will have access to our Client Portal and the unique tools we offer to our clients.

Every month you will receive a fully detailed report where we will discuss the results and strategize the next steps.

Is remarketing & retargeting included?


Remarketing and retargeting is an essential part of any serious advertising funnel, which allows you to go after an audience that has potentially already shown interest in your business.
We consider this an essential part and we include it without additional cost.

How much do I need to spend to see results?

Depending on the size of your target audience and your goals, you can start with as low as $500 per month.

There is a misconception that you need to spend a fortune in online advertising in order to get results. That is not true.

Our advice is to set to the side a budget for at least 3 months and let us guide you on how to better allocate it based on the performance of your ads.