Increased ROAS by 78% And
Increased Revenue By 127%

TheTechFox specializes in offering the finest iPhone cases and various related accessories. Their broad product selection features an array of protective cases, fashionable designs, and cutting-edge elements, catering to the diverse preferences of smartphone aficionados.

Digital Time Savers tapped into the potential of social media to elevate TheTechFox’s online visibility to unprecedented levels. Utilizing paid promotion on Facebook and Instagram, we crafted an all-encompassing, focused advertising campaign aimed at capturing the attention of the perfect audience and boosting interaction. With thorough refinement, A/B experimentation, and audience categorization, we successfully delivered captivating ads that struck a chord with prospective clients and motivated them to respond.

How we Did It:

• Leveraging Facebook and Instagram
• Visually compelling content
• Custom audience targeting
• Lookalike audience targeting

The Results


Increased Revenue


Increased ROAS


Increased Traffic


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