Senso Boutique
250% Increased Online Sales after working with us.

Senso Boutique, a flourishing fashion brand, sought to expand their success from physical stores to the digital landscape. Partnering with us, their objective was clear: skyrocket online sales and establish a robust online presence. Through targeted social media marketing, we orchestrated a tailored strategy that not only met but surpassed expectations.

Our approach was methodical. Thorough market research unearthed key insights about Senso Boutique’s audience, guiding our tailored marketing efforts. We strategically leveraged select social media platforms where their potential customers were most active, creating visually captivating ad content that resonated with the brand’s unique identity. Through precision targeting and budget optimization, we ensured the ads reached the most receptive audience, ultimately resulting in a staggering 250% surge in online sales.

Digital-Time-Savers-Senso Boutique-Case-Study

How we Did It:

• In-depth target audience analysis
• Chose effective social media platforms.
• Eye-catching live ad content
• Precise targeting to reach interested shoppers

The Results


Local Market Impressions


Increased Online Sales


Increased Performance


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