Generated 96 Leads And
Lowered their CPC by 62%

Kleidaras247 is a prominent provider of locksmith services in the Athens region, delivering trustworthy and effective solutions for all of their clients’ security needs. The company boasts a team of highly skilled locksmiths and employs cutting-edge technology to ensure that their customers’ homes, businesses, and vehicles are protected around the clock. Thanks to their prompt response times and 24/7 availability, Kleidaras247 stands out as the preferred option for those seeking emergency locksmith services.

Through thorough keyword research and effective ad targeting, Digital Time Savers generated 96 high-quality leads for Kleidaras247. Furthermore, these efforts led to a significant decrease in the cost per click (CPC) for their Google Ads campaigns, with a reduction of 62%. This allowed Kleidaras247 to maximize their ad budget while still reaping the benefits of increased leads and customer engagement.

How we Did It:

• Comprehensive keyword research
• Precise ad targeting
• Competitive landscape analysis
• Continuous optimization

The Results


Closed Jobs


Lower CPC


Targeted Impressions


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