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I have been with the Digital Time Savers team for almost 2 years. They know their stuff and are very generous with their time, patience, and knowledge. My business has had amazing results working with DTS and I would not hesitate to recommend Nick, Kostas, and the rest of the DTS team to anyone looking to make a profitable impact in the online space.

Meet our Hero
Rita Black

Meet Rita Black, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and smoking cessation expert with over 20 years of experience helping people quit smoking. Based in Los Angeles, Rita is also an author, speaker, and the director of Shift Hypnosis. With her extensive knowledge in the psychology of weight management, Rita authored the bestselling book “From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss.”

Rita’s passion for helping people quit smoking led her to create Smokefree123, an online hypnosis-based program that helps people quit smoking in just one session without the worry of cravings, weight gain, or stress. Say goodbye to smoking for good with Rita’s effective and friendly approach to quitting smoking.

The Goals

Smokefree123 wanted help in 3 areas.

  • Generate High-Quality Leads
  • Bring Profitable Online Sales
  • Grow Brand Awareness

The Challenge

Helping Smokefree123 stand out in this competitive market was not an easy challenge.

Rita had a lot of experience from her local practice but the online program Smokefree123 was just coming to life and there was 0 data.

There had been no ads before and nothing had been tested. Also, anything related to health is heavily monitored on all advertising platforms.

That meant we needed to be extra careful and implement strong strategies.

But nothing we couldn’t handle.

Our Process

You never want to start running ads before you fully understand your client and their audience.

The first thing we do is to do a full audit of everything the company has online

  • That means:
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

This process allows us to find errors, areas that can be improved and tap into the psychology of the business.

Smokefree123 - Landing Page

Step 1. The Website

Smokefree123 had a main site, an online masterclass optin page, and a sales page.

We immediately identified some areas that could be improved and so we helped them create a second landing page – that would be our first A/B testing.


Next, we installed a heatmap and user recording tool that would give us deep insights into user behavior and drop-off points.

Any business that starts advertising for the first time needs to use a heatmap tool and ideally collect recordings.

We also installed and set up Google Analytics, GTM, and Facebook Pixel.

Step 2. Social Media

Now it was time to audit social media.

We took a look at data from the past 3-6 months and reviewed all posts and comments.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.
The Smokefree123 team had a solid strategy of social media posts with a mix of value-based content as well as content that would promote their program.

“When you run ads on Social Media platforms, you want to make sure that your business pages are up-to-date and properly represent your brand.”

Smokefree123 - Social Media

Step 3. Email Marketing

Nothing is worse than signing up to an email list and getting an email that you feel was meant for someone else, or worse not receiving an email at all!

Besides actually logging into the backend and going over the main email sequences, we actually signup as users.

Smokefree123 is killing it with their emails.
They have multiple targeted email flows that they use, allowing them to target their audiences with specific messaging.

That really puts us in the user’s shoes and allows us to pinpoint mistakes and errors while ensuring everything is 100% good to go.

With all of the above as well as competitor research we performed we were ready to create the tailored strategy.

Ad Strategy

With 20+ years of experience under our belt, we can easily say that we have tested everything there is out there.

For this account, we have a set of strategies that allow us to quickly deploy, test, and scale an account.

The first goal was to find relevant and profitable audiences, as well as to test many creatives to discover which ones would resonate with the viewers.

To do that we needed a set of ads that would help the audience immediately understand what Smokefree123 offers, showcase the unique selling points of the program, and provide actual value.

Building the brand, was also an important aspect that we knew would help the business long-term.

We wore our artistic hats (meaning our awesome team of designers) and came up with an amazing first set of ads!


We started building the account with a set of campaigns and ads focusing primarily on lead generation for a free online masterclass.
That way we could filter the leads and bring in people actually interested in quitting smoking.

Rita Black has a Free Online Masterclass that helps people quit smoking without withdrawal, cravings, or weight gain.

With our on-point creatives, we had a nice start with almost 200 leads and more than 20 sales.

Although the first month was a success we did not want to rush things. After all the account was still very new and we did not want to rely on some early successes.
We continued with further ad creative testing and a few more audiences.

The second month resulted in a little more than 200 leads and 23 sales.

That was all we needed to know it was time to start scaling.

In the 3rd month, we went for the home run.

We knew that people loved the free masterclass and the online program (check engagement on the ad screenshots)

And we had the data so we knew who to target and with which ads.

So we made some final tweaks and decided to scale the ad spend. A lot.

We ended the 3rd month with more than 1,100 leads, 165 sales, and an overall ROAS of 3.35x!

Since we were able to rock the 3rd month, we decided to keep going.

We increase the spending and drafted more creatives, used amazing videos, and optimized everything.

The results speak for themselves.

Another 1,295 leads, almost 200 sales, and ROAS 3.10x





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