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Meet our Heroes

Brilliant Scents

Brilliant Scents is based in Boca Raton, in Florida, and offers luxury scent solutions. They provide the safest and cleanest way to diffuse all-natural fragrances within a space. Their scenting systems connect to your HVAC cold-air diffusion to ensure an even and consistent scent in your home or business.

Their Goals

Brilliant Scents is an e-commerce business and had 3 goals:

  • Increase Brand Recognision
  • Increase no. of Subscriptions
  • Increase Profitability

The Challenge

Although there are not many brands that offer luxury and natural scenting solutions, it still is a competitive market.

Also since the business model involves both one-time purchases and subscriptions the marketing plan needs to carefully balance the two, in order to help the company grow by bringing long-term results.

The no.1 problem that Brilliant Scents was facing was money draining ads and no brand growth.

Our Process

You never want to start running ads before you fully understand your client and their audience.

The first thing we do is to do a full audit of everything the company has online

That means:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

This process allows us to find errors, areas that can be improved and tap into the psychology of the business.

Brilliant Scents Website - Digital Time Savers

Step 1. The Website

Brilliant Scents’ website was visually appealing but had some backend errors.

Clear Call-To-Action, clean design, and overall great user experience.

The speed of the website is another important factor that was already good here.

The product pages are extremely important for an ecom business.

Brilliant Scents already had well-designed product pages.

Next we installed a heatmap and user recording tool that would give us deep insights about user behavior and drop off points.

Any business that starts advertising for the first time should use a heatmap tool and ideally collect recordings.

To our surprise, we discovered that the conversion tracking was not properly setup which resulted in duplicated conversions showing up.


We quickly took care of that and re-installed and set up Google Analytics, GTM, and Facebook Pixel.

Step 2. Social Media

Now it was time to audit social media.

We wanted to get a good understanding of how Brilliant Scents was communicating with their audience.

To do that we took a look at data from the past 3 to 6 months and reviewed all posts and comments.

Brilliant Scents had a mix of visually appealing images, product-related images, and some inspirational posts.

Overall it felt like it was still trying to find its identity.

When we work with a client, our goal is to help them grow.

The way a business presents and positions itself on social media can have a big impact on sales.

We offered Brilliant Scents a series of consultations that helped them get on the right track.

“When you run ads on Social Media platforms, you want to make sure that your business pages are up-to-date and properly represent your brand.”

Brilliant Scents Instagram - Digital Time Savers

Step 3. Email Marketing

Nothing is worse than signing up to an email list and getting an email that you feel was meant for someone else, or worse not receiving an email at all! (yikes)

Besides actually logging into the backend and going over the main email sequences, we actually signup as users.

That really puts us in the user’s shoes and allows us to pinpoint mistakes and errors while ensuring everything is 100% good to go.

With all of the above as well as competitor research we performed we were ready to create the tailored strategy.

Ad Strategy

With 15+ years of experience under our belt, we can easily say that we have tested everything there is out there.

For e-commerce accounts specifically, we have a set of strategies that allow us to quickly deploy, test, and scale an account.

The first goal is to increase the revenue and more importantly the profits

(You never want to increase the revenue but lose money)

To do that we needed a set of ads that would help the audience immediately understand what Brilliant Scents is selling, showcase the unique selling points of their products, and educate the audience about the benefits of scent marketing.

Building the brand, was also an important aspect that we knew would help the business long-term.

We wore our artistic hats (meaning our awesome team of designers) and came up with an amazing first set of ads!

ECommerce Ad Strategy for Brilliant Scents - Digital Time Savers

Carousel Style Ad to showcase the beautiful homes and unique sellings points.

Attention grabbing copy.


Before starting with us, Brilliant Scents was getting 0 sales from their ads. So we expected that the first month would be a tough one.

We managed to get the first 4 sales, but we collected all the data we needed.

One thing we always tell our clients:

“The first month is all about testing. It is an investment to get great results moving forward”

We had faith in our strategy and the data we collected gave us confidence that we would be having an amazing month no. 2.

By reviewing the initial data, we were able to pinpoint the creatives and approaches that the audience was responding to and now knew how to adjust the ads to get better results.

We finished the second month with 20 sales and almost x4 ROAS!

Fast forwarding a few months, and by continuously analyzing the data, testing offers we suggested and creatives, we can see the results

Average ROAS 4.6x

And overall hundreds of new customers


x 4.6


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