Gratitude Organic Tea Increased Their Conversions By 151% And
Increased their Exposure by Half a Million.

Gratitude Organic Tea is a boutique family enterprise specializing in the creation of premium organic teas. Their ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced from select farms, and the teas are meticulously hand-blended in limited quantities. The company is driven by a commitment to promoting wellness and mindfulness through their diverse product offerings.

Digital Time Savers collaborated closely with Gratitude Organic Tea to devise an all-encompassing digital marketing plan. We pinpointed social media as a crucial channel for connecting with their target audience and boosting sales. We designed a paid social media advertising campaign, which focused on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Our creative team developed visually captivating graphics and compelling copy that highlighted their products and underlying brand values. Moreover, we honed in on specific demographics and interests to ensure we connected with the ideal customer base.

How we Did It:

• Targeted Social Media Advertising
• Custom Content Creation
• Demographic and Interest Segmentation

The Results


Increase in Sales


New Sales


Targeted Impressions


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