Increased Sales by 198% And
Increased Revenue by 1267%

Goldenskin focuses on delivering top-notch beauty products that amplify the innate glow of their customers. By combining exceptional ingredients with cutting-edge technology, Goldenskin’s skincare offerings aim to surpass client expectations. With a strong dedication to customer gratification, Goldenskin persistently challenges the limits of the skincare market.

To help Goldenskin achieve their goals, we collaborated on creating and implementing a Facebook advertising campaign that targeted their ideal audience. By understanding Goldenskin’s target demographic, we were able to craft compelling ads that resonated with potential customers. We also optimized the campaign to ensure the ads were placed strategically within Facebook’s platform, maximizing visibility and engagement. The results were astounding – Goldenskin’s sales increased by 198%, and their revenue soared by an amazing 1267%!

Digital Time Savers - GoldenSkin Case Study

How we Did It:

• In-depth target audience analysis
• Compelling ad creatives
• Strategic ad placement
• Ongoing campaign optimization

The Results


Increase in Sales


Increase in Revenue


Decrease in CPA


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