Evan Sophir Real Estate
60% Increased Impressions

Evan Sophir, a dynamic real estate agent, was eager to elevate his brand visibility and expand his reach in the competitive real estate market. Our mission was clear: enhance Evan’s brand awareness through a strategic Google Display ad campaign.
Our strategy was anchored in precision. We meticulously refined targeting parameters to ensure Evan’s ads reached the right audience at the right time. By tailoring ad creatives that highlighted Evan’s expertise and unique value proposition, we effectively communicated his strengths to potential clients. Additionally, strategic budget allocation maximized the impact of every ad impression, ensuring a cost-effective approach to brand amplification.
Digital-Time-Savers-Evan Sophir-Case-Study

How we Did It:

• Targeting Refinement
• Creative Ad Optimization
• Strategic Budget Allocation
• Performance Monitoring & Feedback Loop

The Results


Reduced Costs


Increased Impressions


Increased Traffic


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