Increased Sales by 398% And
Increased ROAS by 243%

Collagen-Lift presents a variety of beauty and skincare products. Their collection features professional lifting solutions, organic beauty products, Greek herbal cosmetics, supplements, personal care gadgets, and even items for the home and garden. They excel in providing customers with high-quality collagen supplements that support glowing, young-looking, and healthy skin.

To help Collagen-Lift reach new heights, we collaborated on developing and implementing a Facebook advertising campaign that was laser-focused on their ideal customers. By gaining a deep understanding of Collagen-Lift’s target audience, we were able to craft engaging ads that struck a chord with potential customers. We also made sure to optimize the campaign constantly to improve ad placements on Facebook’s platform, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. The outcome was astounding – Collagen-Lift’s sales skyrocketed by 398%, and their return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by a remarkable 243%!

Digital Time Savers - CollagenLift Case Study

How we Did It:

• In-depth target audience analysis
• Designing eye-catching creatives
• Strategic ad placement
• Continuously performance A/B Testing

The Results


Increase in Sales


Increase in ROAS


Decrease in CPA


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